Care Home advice and funding

Care_Home_PhotoA client or relative will usually contact us after a father, mother, wife or husband has gone into care. There are questions regarding the cost, long term sustainability of this, choice of home, each individual case is different and requires an individual approach.

With long term care we can help with the planning stage from what's called future long term care funding to immediate need funding from a relative that's just gone into the long term care. From time to time the government in power tinkers around the edge but its such a complex and expensive problem the funding issues still exist for the individual to pick up the cost.

As advisers with qualifications in Long Term Care advice and funding we are able to sit down with you or family members and be in the right position to review funding options alongside any benefits that may still be payable to help fund the care you or a loved one may need.

Please contact us for a further discussion and ask how we could help.

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